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With us, you reach the entire security industry!

Aktuell Säkerhet has a broad reach over the security and safety industry, private as well as public. We reach those responsible for IT security, information security and physical security – surveillance/shell protection, fire, alarm systems as well as personal and crisis issues. According to our readers, we are a magazine that is educating and engaging. It is the place where industry profiles as well as advertisers want to be seen.

The magazine was founded in 1982 and has since provided the industry with current information. Today, the magazine reaches about 9 000 recipients and each issue is read by 1–3 readers. Aktuell Säkerhet is a member of The Swedish Magazine Publishers Association.

What our readers says:

*According to the latest survey

  • ”A good mix from all branches of security”
  • ”Serious and industry leading”
  • ”The only comprehensive magazine in the industry”
  • 9/10 readers describes the magazine as good or very good



9 000


Advertise in the magazine

Advertise where you reach those responsible for safety and security in the entire industry.

IssueEditorial programSubmissionPublication
1Trade security2023-01-182023-02-10
2Government Procurement (GPA)2023-02-152023-03-10
3IT Security2023-04-052023-04-29
4Personal security/assault alarm2023-05-172023-06-09
5Fire security2023-08-232023-09-15
6Information security2023-09-272023-10-20
7/8Further education2023-11-082023-12-01

AD formats

FormatSizePrice (ex VAT)
Spread430 × 280 mm + bleed 5 mm51 500 sek
1/1215 × 280 mm + bleed 5 mm29 600 sek
1/2 portrait104 x 280 mm + bleed 5 mm20 600 sek
1/2 landscape215 x 134 mm + bleed 5 mm20 600 sek
1/2 spread430 × 138 mm + bleed 5 mm35 200 sek
1/4 landscape215 x 65 mm + bleed 5 mm16 600 sek
1/4 portrait85 × 121 mm16 600 sek
1/8 landscape193 x 32 mm13 600 sek

Annual subscription Säkerhetsmarknaden
Price: 9 600 sek (7 issues)
Address, picture (40 x 40 mm). Additional row 3,7 mm + 500 sek.

Technical Details

Bleed ads should extend beyond trim size a minimum of 5 mm. Fonts are to be included in the file. Images are to be of high resolution (300 ppi). ICC profile (PSO Uncoated ISO12647 eci) can be downloaded from trydells.se. Booking cancelled later than three weeks before material day will be fully charged.

All prices in Swedish krona excl VAT.

Trim size: 215 x 280 mm
Type area: 11 mm from edge
Non-CMYK colors will be converted automatically without manual inspection. Overprint and reproduction may then differ from what was intended.

Digital advertise

With appearance on Aktuell Säkerhet’s site and in the newsletter, you build your brand. The site has an average of 15,000 visitors each month. The newsletter reaches approximately 2,500 subscribers twice a week.

FormatSizePrice (ex VAT)
Panorama980 x 240 px9 400 sek
Insider, 1–3300 x 250 px6 300 sek
Meny300 x 200 px7 300 sek
Mobile, 1–4320 x 320 px6 300 sek
Modul, 1–4468 x 240 px6 300 sek
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FEB: Energy
MAR: digital keys
MAY: perimeter protection
JUN: politician's week
JUL: Emergency center
AUG: Fire security
SEP: Cloud security
OCT: Information security
NOV: 2-3G network closing down
DEC: Personal security/assault alarm


FormatSizePrice (ex VAT)
Top banner768 x 128 px5 900 sek
Banner334 x 216 px3 900 sek
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Technical details

The website is updated daily with current information. The newsletter is published twice a week during the season. Materials are to be be delivered in .jpg or .png format. Prices in Swedish krona excl VAT. Prices for the site refer to per month.

Native ads

A unique opportunity to create buzz around your company!

A native ad (also called an advertorial or editorial ad) tells your story in a form and context familiar to the readers. It is a great opportunity to introduce a product, tell about a successful case or highlight the benefits of working with you!

The ad harmonizes with the editorial material and is clearly marked as advert. We help you all the way, from the idea to the finished ad, in continuous dialogue. Contact us and we will tell you more!

FormatPrice (ex VAT)
Print, spreadRequest quote
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Total price inclusive text production. Special conditions apply.

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